Are T101 and XXX-226 the same analyzers inside?

No, they are two different analyzers.  Not only the operating ranges are different, but also the inside architectures.



What are the differences between T100+ and T100?



64KBytes of program memory for addition of features in the future.

32KBytes of program memory which is already full.

Microcontroller running at 13MHz

Microcontroller running at 8MHz

New PLL synthesizer allows slightly wider frequency range in Frequency Unlock mode

Firmware update at 115200 baud

Firmware update at 38400 baud

What is “Frequency Unlock”?

The VHF/UHF oscillators in T100+ are designed to cover frequency ranges slightly wider than the 100~170MHz and 400~470MHz ranges to guarantee normal operations within the specifications. In the original firmware releases of T100+ and T100, the frequencies are limited to these ranges.

In later firmware updates of T100+, we have introduced a Frequency Unlock mode. In this mode, you are allowed to alter the VHF/UHF lower and upper frequency limits beyond the specifications. There will be an PLL unlock alert sign to help you determine the actual frequency ranges of the VHF/UHF oscillators.

Please note that the Frequency Unlock mode is for testing purposes only. The user shall be responsible for all consequences on using this mode.

What are the typical frequency ranges in the Frequency Unlocked mode?

Since this is not in the specification, it is not guaranteed. Nevertheless, a sample we have randomly picked works from 85MHz to 234MHz(VHF), and from 377MHz to 576MHz. Again, this is not guaranteed and does not represent any typical performance you shall expect.

What new features are there in T100+ with the latest firmware?

Frequency Unlock mode

Smith Chart (Beta Release)

Where can I buy the T100+ and how much is it? What is the shipping cost?

Please visit our ebay store at http://stores.ebay.com/electronicshongkong

Is the original T100 still available?

Sorry, it has been discontinued.