Supporting Materials for T100+ Vector Antenna Impedance Analyzer



T100+ User Manual V2.1  T100+ User Manual V2.1


USB Driver CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Driver 


PC Host Software

T100+ PC Host Demo V1.0  

 T100+ Compatible PC Host Software Tseries_20151126    NEW

     (for Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7, separated version for windows XP included)

 T100 PC Host V2 R001 (for Windows 7/8)

 T100+ PC Host V1.1-W7 (for Windows 7/8) 

 T100+ PC Host Demo V1.0

You will need to install the USB driver before using these PC Host programs.

Right click to download the zip file, unzip it (with windows default tools or third party tools), then run setup.exe.

* Please contact us at if you encounter any problem.




Release notes are now at the bottom of this page



   Use T101 firmware on T100+ for compatibility with Tseries PC Host software.


T100plusR004.ENC   (Obsoleted)

T100plusR003c.ENC   (Obsoleted)

T100plusR003a.ENC   (Obsoleted)

T100plusR003.ENC  (with Smith Chart and Frequency Unlock, Release 003)   (Obsoleted)

 T100plusBeta002.ENC  (Smith Chart Added, Beta 002)(Obsoleted)

 T100plusR002.ENC  (Frequency Unlock, Release 002)(Obsoleted)

 T100plusR001.ENC  (Original Release R001)(Obsoleted)

You will need to install the USB driver before you can update the firmware.

Right click to download the file, unzip it, then use the update.exe utility below to update your T100+ firmware.


Update Tools

Update Tools (Windows Version)

 Firmware Update Tools for Windows 2015


Update Tools (Console Version)

 Firmware Update Tools for Consoles Only

 Please refer to the user manual, section "Firmware Update" for the detailed procedures.


Please note that T100+ firmwares are not compatible with T100 firmwares.

Do not upgrade T100+ with a T100 firmware or vice versa.






Now support plotting graphs including Smith Charts on PCs with "T100 PC Host V2 R001".

* 100MHz~170MHz (VHF) / 400MHz~470MHz (UHF) only at the moment.



Imporved calibration data organization in FLASH memory. No apparent effects in operation.


For T100plusR003a & T100plusR003 :

Calibration data in frequency "Unlock" and "Default" modes are stored in separated memory spaces .  A recalibration in the frequency "Unlock" mode is always needed whenever any of the frequency limits has been changed.  Otherwise, recalibrations are only needed when you want to change the reference plane, or to cater for changes in operating condititions like temperature.



Now when you switch between frequency "Unlock" and "Default" modes, T100+ will remember the "unlock" mode frequencies you have choosen.

The new "Reset to default" option in Settings Menu will bring your T100+ back to the default factory setting.  However, calibration data will not be altered.  Note: you will need to do a recalibration for the frequency "Unlock" mode after a "Reset to default" if any of the frequency limits has been changed (i.e. restored to their default factory settings).

Bug fixed: Backlight OFF now remains OFF after power off-on cycle. 


T100plusR003: Improved Smith Chart response to up/down keys, improved out of range (PLL unlocked) detection algorithm during setting of Frequency Unlock limits.



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